Freestanding buildings and interior finish-outs actually have a lot in common. New construction and commercial remodeling are two sides of the same coin. Although they may vary widely in complexity and cost, all building projects consist primarily of only four phases.

Understanding how those four phases result in a finished product, whether an office finish-out, a new building or an extensive renovation, is essential. Neglect of any single area can put the entire outcome in jeopardy. Ideally, each phase leads seamlessly to the next, allowing smooth and smooth transition from start to finish.

  1. Plans and Permits
    Arguably the most essential aspect of any construction project is planning. It is during this phase that the foundation is laid for the finished building or tenant improvement. By spending ample time and energy to get the plans and blueprints right, it’s possible to shorten actual construction and assure that the final result is exactly what the client envisioned.
    It is always easier to make changes on paper than in the field. Also, municipal regulations and code requirements require that actual construction is by the permitted plans. It pays to spend the necessary “up front” time to get those plans right.
  2. Specifications and Timeline
    The second area of concern is the selection of materials and project timing. As in any other endeavor, the total cost is predicated on what goes into the building or space, how much labor is involved, and how long it takes. Again, by paying attention to cost-effective, durable, readily available materials, code-compliant specifications, and the development of a timeline that allows for weather and unanticipated delays, you and your contractor will have realistic expectations throughout construction, whether its duration is two months or two years.
  3. Estimates and Contracts
    Before actual construction begins, you will want cost estimates and bids that not only describe in detail the work to be performed but a list of materials and specifications, in addition to a contract that details the agreement between the client and owner, contractor and subcontractors.
    Depending on the nature of the project, and whether you work with a design-builder or a designer/architect and then submit plans for competitive bidding, a final step is a binding contract that addresses not only the work and the cost but also payment and potential dispute resolution. Reputable construction companies in Albuquerque NM are licensed and insured and will be more than willing to explain in full all contract provisions.
  4. Actual Construction
    The fourth and final phase, actual construction, should seem relatively easy after the prep work that leads up to it. It is also the most exciting phase of any building project, and you can expect to see steady progress each day or week during the timeline.

By working with a professional commercial construction company, your remodel, or tenant improvement project will be the time for you to relax just a little bit and get on with the business of planning your move-in. The excitement stems from looking forward to the future in a space that fulfills your every need.

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