Making a tenant improvement to commercial space or planning to renovate a retail store or small restaurant can be time-consuming and confusing if you don’t have a professional construction company “in your corner” to navigate the path through blueprints, plan approvals and municipal inspections.

By working with a construction firm that specializes in commercial remodeling, you will protect yourself from future liability, and assure that red tape and unnecessary delays will be avoided. Always confirm that the company has a state-issued construction license, ask for a valid certificate of insurance, and either check references or ask to see examples of completed work.

Determine Your Needs
The best advice is to consult with a professional remodeler early in the process. Interview several to gain a comfort level. Even if your plan is just to modernize the space or make non-structural cosmetic improvements, you will make better use of your funds by working with a general contractor who assumes responsibility for completion of the total project. The construction company will develop a reasonable schedule and coordinate the work of various necessary tradespeople.

Blueprints, or at least a general plan, are almost always required, and a contractor will usually be able to prepare those as well. If detailed blueprints are unnecessary, your contractor will submit a scaled drawing to obtain a permit, along with the scope of work and material specifications. In New Mexico, plumbing and electrical modifications are permitted separately, inspected and approved, and your contractor will oversee those requirements as well.

References and Contracts
By interviewing several construction companies in Albuquerque NM, you will gain an understanding of the job’s complexity. Ask detailed questions and only sign a contract after you have received acceptable answers and developed a rapport. During the course of construction, maintain open communication to be assured that potential problems are handled quickly and to your satisfaction.

Reputable construction firms may require a reasonable down payment, but you should never agree to the full amount in advance. Always review a proposed contract before signing, and never authorize work to begin without a binding agreement. Review the preliminary plan, specifications, cost estimates, contract amount and schedule to eliminate surprises.

Finally, never authorize a final payment before final inspection, issuance of a certificate of occupancy, and completion of any required punch work.

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